My husband and I started dating on August 7th, 1971, and we married on August 6th, 1978. We are still happily together! Our daughter is grown, 35. She has 2 of her own, boys. 11 and 1. She has her hands full!!! We live about 5 minutes from each other. She works, and goes to school. My older grandson is in all sports! And my younger grandson is all over! She’s always busy :)!

I used to do everything, work, we owned a farm, I've worked and owned businesses all my life. I’m disabled now, I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, among a lot of other things, but my attitude is still excellent! I've also lost a bunch of weight, after I'd gained a bunch of weight :); which was good for me, but I have to slow it down now. So, I want to start baking! and I want to start crocheting, and possibly knitting, again! There are so many cute things I can do now for my grandkids, and I’ll just get the cushions for the hooks and needles, I’ll be fine!!! I can’t wait to get started!


6 Sweet Survival Tips for Super Sensitive Souls.

Google Earth for Android…it’s so much fun to use!


Madeleine Cake

this looks good!!!

Very funny…from Animal Planet, they visited the set of “Tanked” with the stars of “JackAss”…hahahahaha…


Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell meticulously recreated her parents’ house using German chocolate cake, complete with flickering lights in the windows.

"The foundation of the house is made out of layer upon layer of German chocolate cake. McConnell then covered the base with piped buttercream frosting and melted chocolate—no fondant necessary. She constructed the windows out of frosted sugar glass so that light could shine through from the interior and light up the house."

She also created an oil painting of the house, which Redditor Your_Post_As_A_Movie used to create this awesome faux movie poster.

Click here for a brief video to check out McConnell’s mouthwatering cake house from all sides.

Visit Neatorama or My Modern Metropolis for additional images of the original house, interior and exterior.

Look at this…this is just amazing!!!  How talented she is…

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#midcenturymodern #midcentury #midcenturyfurniture #desk #furniture #vintage #wood #atomic #woodworking

love this desk!!!


#midcenturymodern #midcentury #midcenturyfurniture #desk #furniture #vintage #wood #atomic #woodworking

love this desk!!!

(via thehappysorceress)

Claim big, really big things. Remember nothing is too big. Claim joy, peace, and laughter.

I’m learning that living by this will really work!

I love laughter, joy, and peace!!!

Ask anyone I know!!!

Day 364 -

Uncommon Knowledge: Are mothers geniuses? | UncommonGoods

This article came from Uncommon Goods, an awesome little website I dug up…check it out.  It has just what it says…Uncommon Goods!!!! Have fun!!!!

Grilled Chicken and Prosciutto Margherita Pizza - Rock Recipes -The Best Food & Photos from my St. Johns, Newfoundland Kitchen.

I’m going to try this recipe…we’ve been looking for a good thin crust for a long time! And the Tomato Jam sound awesome!!!  Doesn’t it look good?

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